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The lowdown: If you’re anything like us over here at CGH HQ, you’re still feeling the effects of the Daylight Savings Time switchover this weekend. Yes, we’re exhausted, two days in. Turns out that this fatigue has detrimental effects beyond needing an extra cup of coffee (or three); in this piece, the Atlantic’s Matt Schiavenza makes a bid for ditching DST.

The backstory: Schiavenza points out that Daylight Savings Time is responsible for an uptick in things like traffic accidents and heart attacks while we humans try to adjust our circadian rhythms to the new reality. Not to mention lost productivity from all the tired people unable to do their jobs in top form. And, as it turns out, Indiana only recently started following DST in 2006; any savings in electricity (the ostensible reason for falling back and springing forward, in order to reduce the need for artificial light) were negated by the cost of heating and air conditioning. Whoops. 

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