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The lowdown: Weight Watchers, in an effort to get with the digital times, has acquired Wello, an app that matches users to on-demand fitness classes & other services.

The background: Weight Watchers has seen declining market share recently; maintaining sales of in-person morale-boosting meetings seems to be tougher in a world of fitness-tracking wristbands and exercise apps. But, with this acquisition, Weight Watchers may be able to successfully follow its market into the brave new world of tech-based fitness (or “digital therapeutics”).

Your challenge: Think through your approach to staying healthy. What motivates you? Is it the blinky lights of a FitBit? The steadfastness of a gym buddy? The community feel of the farmer’s market? Or knowing that you can join a like-minded group to talk about food issues every week? In any case, use all of the tools at your disposal (and keep your eyes open for new ones).

What keeps you on target in terms of wellness? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Giselle Jones

    Exercising with a small group keeps me on track. Reading articles at CGH gets me inspired to look at food differently. Thanks CGH.