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Interested in the latest big ideas in food and health? Sometimes you can simply skip down the street to your local grocery store. We’re stoked for the new wellness efforts from some of the country’s larger retailers, as well as the ongoing awesomeness coming from local markets. Check ‘em out!

Farmers’ Markets

Supporting farmers directly is fabulous: it reinforces sustainable practices, connects you personally with farmers, and helps keep small producers in business. And the food often tastes more delicious and fresh when it has only traveled a short distance to get to your table! Need help finding a farmer’s market (and more) near you? Try a search on Local Harvest. Consider making it a date – sampling local cheeses and debating the merits of this squash vs. that one can be even more fun with a friend or loved one.

Giant Eagle

Giant Eagle’s website is super helpful: their Health Library, for instance, details disease risk assessments with educational videos and graphics about relationships between food and health. Giant Eagle also employs a host of dietitians, who offer one-on-one counseling, store tours, and group classes.

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