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The lowdown: Dani Platz started dancing when she was just three years old. The now-18 year-old from California was forced to stop dancing when she was 16, because she was in treatment for an eating disorder. But this past month, Dani showed her new appreciation for her body and all it can do through her audition on So You Think You Can Dance (check out her moves!).

The backstory: When Dani developed an eating disorder, she reached the point where she had no love for herself. During treatment, Dani gained a completely new perspective on life; now that she can dance again, she appreciates it that much more.

Your challenge: In response to Dani’s audition, Judge Christina Applegate told her “It’s okay to be broken. But you’re healing. You’re healing through dance, you’re healing by telling us your story. And by telling us your story, you’re healing so many girls in this room that are going through the same thing you went through two years ago.” Dani’s healing through dance is an inspiration. Are you looking to make peace with your body? Check out the National Eating Disorders Association’s list of 20 Ways to Love Your Body and get started! You only get one body, so embrace it!

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