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The lowdown: WebMD isn’t just a way to terrify yourself into thinking that you’re much sicker than you actually are anymore. (We kid, we kid.) Point is, WebMD has picked Walgreen’s as its new BFF, and the two companies are sharing digital services that can make life easier for their customers (i.e. Walgreens customers can now fill prescriptions through their WebMD account).

The future: Watch for more collaborations like this. Walgreens and WebMD are helping to promote each other’s coaching programs and other services; they’re also integrating data from various fitness trackers into the mix. Yes, your FitBit and your pharmacist can now be part of the same network, if you like. We’re paying attention to this trend, which will surely bring about its fair share of controversy and data concerns, but also brings us closer to truly integrating our health data with our healthcare providers.



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