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(And those are actual bags of clothes I’m throwing out this year).

I used to have drawers filled with clothes that didn’t fit me. Jeans, shirts, dresses, you name it. I would diet, work out, or some days just pray to God that one day each piece would fit me again. On that one day, things would be thinner (I mean better).

“Tomorrow, life will be great. Today, I’m just waiting around for tomorrow.”

Do you get it? Why this is a problem?

Every day you wish you were thinner than you are, is a day you’re not really living.

And if you have articles of clothing in your bedroom that encourage this mentality, BURN THEM. Or give them to Goodwill.

On a secondary note, every day you deny yourself what you really want, because you’re not “thin enough,” is likely a day you’ll eat mass quantities of macaroni and cheese for no reason. SO FOR GOD’S SAKES, GO ON THAT OkCupid DATE YOU’VE BEEN AVOIDING.

Note: This article was reprinted with permission from Isabel Foxen Duke. Isabel is a certified health coach and emotional eating expert. For more articles by Isabel, visit

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