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The lowdown: Even if you’re too young to remember MacGyver from your childhood (bless your heart), you have probably heard someone say something along the lines of “We’ve gotta MacGyver a solution to this” – meaning that you have to use whatever random resources you have at your disposal to figure out how to solve a problem. MacGyver, hero engineer of 80’s children’s imaginations, could defuse a bomb with a pipe cleaner and a fork (or something along those lines). Now, the folks at The Next MacGyver are bringing back the idea of the “hero engineer” TV show – but, this time, the hero in question is a woman. 

Get involved: Not only is this show groundbreaking in its representation of gender and tech, it’s also pretty rad in its approach – they’re crowdsourcing ideas for the pilot season, with a $5K prize and the opportunity to get matched with some experienced producers in order to bring the winning ideas to life. Check out the video below and start cooking up some scenarios for our hero to MacGyver her way out of!








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