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Over here at CGH, we love finding ways to do what we like on a budget. That includes rocking some sweet nail polish from time to time. Avoid losing all of your disposable income at the salon with our favorite at-home, DIY, not-really-feeling-like-getting-off-the-couch manicure tips for busy ladies. We’ve gathered our favorite tips from around the web, collected here for your one-way ticket to manicure mastery.

1. Our favorite complete manicure videos: watch our preferred short clip all the way through for an overall primer on the perfect mani. Here’s a slideshow of extra tips for good measure!

2. Good technique = the key to avoiding messy mistakes: learn more here and here

3. Spice it up a bit by trying new styles: mix it up with these ideas

4. Remove your polish with ease: learn more here. (Find some strange alternatives to traditional nail polish remover here.) 

 5. Whoops! Fix your mistakes: reverse coloring outside the lines, repair chips, and correct smudges

6. Want to go all out? Make space in your home for a personal nail spa: how-tos are here, here, and here

6. Use time-saving tools: dry your nails with . . . cooking oil spray? Or just go with the basic quick-drying tips

7. Harness some staying power: try a gel manicure, or try some other time-tested techniques

8. Keep hands and nails healthy: here’s a DIY hand nourishing treatment

9. Other random ideas: turn glossy nails matte by using steam, avoid disaster with these cautionary tales, and find the perfect shade with the help of some tech support.  

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