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The lowdown: Chances are, if your bra makes your boobs look a bit lumpy or doesn’t exactly hold ’em where you want ’em to be, you’re wearing the wrong size. Triumph, a lingerie company, launched its “Stand Up For Fit” campaign earlier this year to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the bra. The company conducted a survey of 10,000 women, revealing that over 76% of women knew they wear the wrong bra size! As a response, the campaign aims to fit 100,000 women with their perfect bra in 2014.

Your challenge: Be kind to the body you’ve got, and put it in clothes that suit it! It’s certainly cool to pursue healthy eating habits and fitness, but feel free to focus on finding the right garments that compliment your size, whatever it is, starting with your underwear. Here are some of our favorite bra sizing guides and tips!

Brittany Herself: Superstar blogger Brittany measures her own boobs using the “bend-over method.” Read her delightful piece, complete with photos, here.

Professional advice: Check out the “Fry Sauce and Grits” Girls guides on bra shopping, sizing, tips, tricks and all that jazz:

Let Pinterest help: Looking for downloadable guides? We can’t vouch for the validity of all of these, but a quick search on Pinterest for “bra sizing guides” produced lots of infographics and photos that may be helpful to you. Check them out here.

Kick it old school: Head into your favorite bra store and ask for a fitting. You may need to make an appointment for the consultation. Have no leads on where to go? We find it best to ask your “like-boobied” friend about her favorite bra fitting experience.

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