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We love a winged eyeliner look. It adds a touch of whimsy to your style, even when it’s not quite as out-there as the blue bonanza below. 
But for some of us, with what I would call “bonus eyelid” (or, as the makeup industry calls it, “hooded eyes” – yeah, we need another name for women/men like us), creating a winged eyelid look can be difficult. This is because the “wing” part of the look can often be interrupted by a crease. Imagine that you’re are drawing a line from the outer edge of your eye and upwards to your eyebrow. If you have a crease, the line is broken in half. No bueno. 
 Here you go: an example of a hooded eyelid. It’s not quite as sad as this model makes it seem.
Additionally, with lids covered partially or completely by extra skin, there may not be a lot of room to apply eyeliner. Eyeliner may become smudged by the bonus skin. Until recently, I’ve almost abandoned any attempt to apply eyeliner, as I’ve often returned home to find that my eyeliner is a hot smudged mess and upon raising my eyebrows my “wing” looks très crazy, disconnected from the outer eyelid with a huge gap. Not quite what I was going for. 
As we are blessed to be living in the age of the YouTube makeup artist/blogger eyeliner expert, I’ve compiled a list of resources to help you understand your eye shape and accentuate your awesomeness: 
1) Overall tips on applying eye makeup from the blogosphere: here
2) Videos that demonstrate the difference between what you’ve been doing with eye makeup and what you may want to consider if a more open or brighter eye is what you want: check them out here and here.
 3) Video demo on creating the illusion of a higher set eyelid crease with the “cut-crease” technique: as it turns out, placement of your eyeshadow is the crucial element. Discover the magic here and here.
4) Video demo on creating a winged eyeliner look: those of us with a “bonus eyelid” do have to apply eyeliner differently to make this happen. 
Bottom line: There’s hope for any eye shape. Carry on, friends! 

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