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The lowdown: Oh man, we are excited over here at CGH HQ. This is not uncommon, but today it’s for an extremely special reason: CGH contributor and all-around wonderful human LC Johnson has written a book! 

Nice! Who’s the book for? Overachievers, women in the midst of major transitions, those pining for a sea change, or anyone who loves sass and been-there-done-that insight. “Colored Girl Confidential is a collection of words, wit, and wisdom for kick ass colored girls interested in becoming their happiest, most authentic, more empowered selves. This isn’t chicken soup for the soul – more like a hot toddy, with an extra shot of whiskey.” Get it while it’s hot (actually, it’ll always be hot, but go ahead and grab it now) on Kindle or in paperback.

Bonus quote: “LC Johnson is a light that shines and uplifts all females.” – straight outta Black Enterprise Magazine. We couldn’t agree more.

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