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Sometimes, halfway through an arduous task, you just get stuck. Often, the best way to get back on track is to take a break. Said break can take the form of a serious diversion (Mailande once spontaneously solved a longstanding computer issue in the middle of yoga class, for example). But sometimes, all you need is five minutes. And in that little chunk of time, you can actually do some things that can seriously improve your life.
  1. Check in with loved ones via a text, email or short phone call. 
  2. Contribute to your favorite Facebook group. If said group enriches your daily life, your comments will enrich others. The community and organizers will appreciate it. 
  3. Open the email newsletter of your favorite blog, head over to the comments section, and add your unique voice to a discussion. (CGH is a perfect venue for this! ;))
  4. Give your LinkedIn profile a once-over. It’s where your professional brand lives on the internet, after all (or, at least, one of  the places). Make sure that your recent job/accomplishments/etc. are front and center. Or take a moment to endorse others, join a new professional group, or update your contacts via that annoying stack of bizcards you keep by your monitor, just waiting for a free moment like this.
  5. Give someone a shoutout on Facebook (or Instagram, or whatever) for something great that they’ve done – an article they were featured in, a book they published, an article they wrote. Your support will make their day.
  6. Write a handwritten note to a family member or dear friend. (If you need ideas or want to streamline the process, download the Lettrs app.)
  7. Hug someone. It’s free and awesome.
  8. Help out a friend’s business. Post on her Facebook page, comment on her blog, answer that survey she sent out that got buried in your cavernous inbox. Or just email her to ask how you can assist her. Bonus: come with ideas. If she’s got a beauty blog, offer to connect her to a beauty expert that you know well. If she’s importing textiles from Central Asia, mention that you just happen to be a licensed customs agent and can totally offer expert advice. 
  9. Unsubscribe from email listservs that no longer serve (serv? LOL) you or fill your inbox with spammy junk. ( can help with that – learn more about it and other productivity tips here.) Speaking of the opposite of that, subscribe to CGH if you haven’t already! We don’t do the spam thing. 
  10. Cancel memberships that you aren’t using. Paying for Spotify Premium, but never use it? Paying for a gym membership that’s honestly just too out of the way for you to use regularly? Rethink your monthly spending a bit.
  11. Clean your car. Seriously, five minutes can go a long way.
  12. Read an article in your favorite online news outlet. Set an alarm for five minutes. 
  13. Do something creative: Draw a picture, write a limerick, look up the lyrics to that song in your head and sing it to yourself (perhaps not in the office, though). 
  14. Perfect your Spanish or pick up Danish with Duolingo, our favorite language learning app.
  15. Do a quick set of strength exercises (again, probably not a good choice at the office). Start with pushups, regular planks, and side planks. Throw in some jumping jacks to snap yourself back to attention.
 What do you do when you need a quick refresh? We’d love to hear it in the comments!

Dr. Lisa Jones is a physician and the Editor-in-Chief at CurvyGirlHealth . At CGH, she discusses her personal battles with self-care and documents her journey to seek insight and make life-long changes. read more about
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