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The lowdown: Here’s a strange-but-true fact: if you call 911 from a mobile phone, the operator may ask you to call back on a landline. Why? Because they can’t track your location on your cell phone. Sounds totally counterintuitive, right? Well, the system was set up back in the day when everyone had a landline, which is clearly almost an anomaly at this point. Enter BlueLight, connecting the dots to get help to you faster.

How it works: Download the app (currently available for Android; you can sign up for an email when the iOS version is ready on the homepage). BlueLight routes you directly to 911 and alerts your chosen emergency contacts. The app tells you the address closest to you so that you can tell the dispatcher how to find you easily when you’re on the road. If you’re on a campus, you’ll be sent straight to campus security (this is currently only available in San Francisco, but expanding soon).

More reasons to love it: BlueLight CEO & Founder Preet Anand says the issue of safety, especially for women, touched him deeply during college. (His first attempt into safety technology was to design a smart, location-based pepper spray!) Watch him discuss the app and his motivation for creating the product here. 

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