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There’s a lot of talk about the body-mind-soul connection going on right now – it comes up across mainstream medicine, alternative and holistic health, and personal development circles. However, these discussions often fall short when it comes to mending the bond between body and soul when they feel disconnected.

Ideally, the situation looks like this: your soul stays grounded in your body; your physical form provides channels through which your soul experiences the world; your body stays fluid and transcendent through its connection to your soul. And your mind creates the patterns and context for all of that. Across all kinds of religious or spiritual beliefs, this provides a constant reminder to your body that it’s grander than its perceived physical limitations, and that it’s capable of limitless communion with The Universe. However, there are certainly times when that ideal configuration falls apart: you’re living too much in your head, you’re in physical pain, your spirit is undernourished.

Luckily, when that disconnection comes around, there are some ways to take action. Here are some high-impact methods for bridging the gap between your body and soul and bringing them back into harmony.

  • Meditate with your body. Lay down or sit with your hands resting on your chest, abdomen, or hips. Bring breath through your body to meet your hands. As you breathe, hold your body in your attention. Notice how it feels while resting, what its temperature is like, and where it’s holding tension or tightness. Imagine your soul, maybe as a bright light at your core, and breathe into that. Send the light of your soul to the places in your body that feel tight. Imagine your light melting away the tension and healing your body.
  • Consciously craft your environments to delight your senses. Integrate essential oils and pure beeswax candles into your home or office. Change out lighting that’s harsh. Hang photos and art that inspire you, and take down anything on your walls that no longer makes you feel good. Experiment with a new genre of music that you’ve never listened to before, or use a chime or singing bowl. How you care for and craft your environment is often a reflection of how your body and soul care for one another. Pay particular attention to the additions and details in your spaces that make you feel more alive, happier, calmer, and more energized.
  • Create rituals. Sensory experiences are great inspiration for rituals. (First off, I want to make a distinction here between routines and rituals. Routines are mindless sequences of steps. They’re a necessary part of our everyday life, but they’re also meant to be broken and reworked. Rituals might be repeated, but they’re the opposite of mindless. Rituals are highly conscious practices that draw you deeper into the experience of life.) Experiment with a morning or evening ritual that brings together several sensory experiences you enjoy. Be mindful of how the steps in the ritual and how they flow. Choose activities and practices that make you feel grounded, lighter, happier, and whole, and don’t be afraid to switch things up from time to time and reflect on the change. Experiment to make the ritual feel truly nourishing.
  • Recreate a restorative yoga class at home. Lay out a mat and bring on the props. Support every part of your body in a reclining seated position (or any other position that feels really amazing) with pillows behind your back, neck and shoulders. Add a pillow or bolster under your knees and pillows or rolled blankets under your forearms. For a little extra bliss, lay something soft and heavy, like a bean bag, in the palms of your hands, across your belly or hips, and over your eyes. A restorative pose like this allows your body and soul to relax together. 
  • Write a letter from your body to your soul and your soul to your body. Don’t overthink or edit it. Let the words manifest on paper without a lot of striving or judgment. That’s the easiest way for truth to surface, and for the bond between body and soul to strengthen. Letter writing is your opportunity to put on paper the thoughts that usually get stuck on repeat. It’s an opportunity to break cycles and bring beliefs about yourself, your worth, and your longings out into the light. It’s an opportunity to be heartbreakingly kind to yourself. Take it and see what unfolds. 

 The bond between your body and soul is strong, but it requires care. It’s changing all the time, and that’s profoundly human. The goal is not to maintain a perfect, whole connection within yourself 24/7; that is incredibly difficult to achieve. However, as you consciously spend time on the relationship between your body and soul, life often starts to shift. Your body can bring clarity and focus to your soul. Your soul can bring joy and courage to your body. And the simple act of tending to the connection is both a source and reflection of self-love.

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Hilarie Dahl is an Energy Therapist, Body Love Coach, and avid speaker. She holds an MA in Communication and BS in Women and Gender Studies from The College at Brockport. Since graduating, she studied Healing Touch, an energy therapy modality focused on heart-centered healing for body, mind, and soul. She now owns a Healing Touch practice in Western New York. In January of 2014 Hilarie started a project called The Raw Boudoir. RB is a blog and coaching program devoted to going beneath the surface of body love through spiritual growth, movement, and simple acts of being seen. Each month she participates in a boudoir photography sessions and uses the photos to illustrate the transformative power of body acceptance. Hilarie also practices equine massage and energy work, travels as often as possible, and loves to collaborate with like-minded people. She believes that we create our life and are infinitely capable of loving ourselves and living joyfully. read more about
  • Giselle Jones

    Great article. Love the difference of rituals and routines. Never thought about it that way. Thank you Hilarie.

  • Rachel Healey

    I love that you provided concrete steps to take! I can’t wait to try these out. Thanks!