Lindsey Farah



Lindsey Farah is a fundraiser and self-proclaimed "non-expert of many things" based out of Florida. She discovered exercise at a young age and fell in love - she even worked as a personal trainer through most of college while pursing a degree in health science. Her original life goal was to go into medicine and focus on preventative health and the obesity crisis. But, physics happened. Instead, Lindsey found she could still contribute to health care in an entirely different way: by seeking funding and generating awareness. She got started fundraising for a children's cancer charity before moving on to the University of Florida. She is passionate about health care, social causes, fighting for the underdog and solving problems. Lindsey has an MBA from the University of Florida's Hough Graduate School of Business and a BS in Health Science from UF's College of Health and Human Performance. When she's not on the road raising funds, she enjoys long-runs, strong coffee, good conversations with even better friends, learning, traveling and hanging with her pup, Charley.

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