Jessica Collette



Jessica began practicing yoga around 11 years ago, but it wasn't until after running cross country and track at the college level that she realized she needed something more nourishing for her body--something she could rely on for not only her physical health, but for her mental health as well. Jessica views yoga as a chance to practice relaxation, mindfulness, and compassion, which then spills over into her daily life. She can be found at Patanjali's Place practicing to her heart's delight, hanging out in downtown Durham with friends, or spending time with her husband at home. After graduating from Beloit College in 2009 and working in Women's Health for 5 years, Jessica is now a full time yoga instructor and writer. Jessica’s classes combine challenging poses, creative sequencing, and most importantly a sense of levity—she is always reminding herself and her students to never take yoga too seriously. She encourages adventurousness, hard work, and fun in all of her classes! You can stay in touch with Jessica by following her on Facebook (, Twitter and Instagram (@lavitayoga).

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