Jenna Gorlick



Jenna Gorlick is a senior university student studying psychology and entrepreneurship. When she’s not studying or cheering on her university team, Jenna can be found trying out new sushi spots, crafting for her apartment, or reading. Originally from South Florida, Jenna grew up surrounded by people who were preoccupied with creating a perfect self-image, which fueled her interest in health, wellness, and food related issues. Since starting university, Jenna has become involved in research about defining recovery from eating disorders, which has furthered her interest in the health world. In the summer of 2013, Jenna worked for the Food Research and Action Center, where she was an advocate for anti-hunger policy and food related issues. This past summer, Jenna was an Editorial Intern at CurvyGirlHealth. Specifically, Jenna is interested in factors influencing body image, different treatment methods for eating disorders (particularly nutritionally based treatments), and the media’s (both mass and social) effect on women’s self-image. Jenna plans to attend graduate school for nutrition and pursue a career as a Registered Dietitian.

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