Amy Scott



Amy is not an expert on anything health or fitness related, but she fights the good fight, fails a lot, and laaaaaaaaaaaughs--boy, does she laugh. Her struggles with food and weight began when she was a wee lass. For decades, she did all the dieting and body hatred and blah blah blah, but sometime in her mid-20s, she just decided to throw out her scale and let that crap go. Since then, she has gone to therapy, read a lot of books, and taught herself to cook healthy meals. Sometimes they’re even edible.

Never before an athlete, she discovered CrossFit in 2010 and fell in love with picking up heavy objects and putting them over her head. Her journey toward health and fitness remains challenging. Her jerk-brain still tells her to eat when she’s not hungry, and those CrossFit coaches make her run, like, all the time. But she has a visible muscle for the first time in her life, and she’s made eleventy fafillion friends in the process.

Amy is a frequent storyteller at and sometimes host of the Monti StorySLAM in Durham, North Carolina.

If you’d like to read about her trials and tiny victories in the gym, you’ll find them at Fat CrossFitter. She also blogs about dogs, dating, and the delightful disaster that is her life at Avid Bruxist.

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