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At CGH, we love YouTube. Its potential goes far beyond cat videos and cute toddlers playing the ukulele – it’s an often-underutilized (and free!) resource for wellness. Some of our favorite health gurus and brands share stories and strategies that span the wellness spectrum – offering tactics, community, and sometimes just a plain ol’ belly laugh. We often catch a quick video for a shot of inspiration while waiting in line somewhere, and we’ve definitely been known to squeeze in a 10-minute workout when time is short.

Without further ado, here it is: the best of YouTube for health & wellness, from your friends at CGH.



Simple Recipes: our favorite go-to spots for a quick and healthy meal

Delightful Food Channels: not always for the calorie-conscious, but the shows are visually appealing and fun to watch!

  • Sorted Food’s blog has an array of recipers and serves as an online hub of entertaining videos for the newbie and experienced cook. Check out the skills section of the site wherein you learn some really handy skills like making the perfect potato wedges.
  • Tastemade is a cooking channel for the young, hip, and adventurous. If you can’t delight in this video, we don’t even know what to tell you.

Funny: proof that cooking can be hilarious

  • Hannah Hart’s hilarious channel Myharto produces the show ”My Drunk Kitchen“. Watch Hannah as she gives you pun-packed recipes from Hannah and friends – plus wine.
  • Mamrie Hart’s eponymous channel takes something from pop culture and creates a cocktail from it. Stir and laugh out loud.




  • Keiara LaShae gives you a phenomenal mix of dance moves, cardio sequences and strength-training workouts. We dare you not to dance and sweat to her hip-hop, latin-dance, dance-hall routines. Plus, she shares beauty and nutrition advice. 

General Fitness

  • BodyInspiredFitness is the online home of superstar fitness hero & CGH expert Angela Parker. The workouts are fun, efficient and challenging. ‘Nuff said.
  • Melissa Bender’s full-length workouts are a mix of strength and cardio, on the moderate-to-advanced level. Start by heading over to Melissa’s blog for more detail on each workout including exercises and equipment needs.
  • Fitness Blender comes to you via a couple who believes in providing a range full-length workouts for free. is easy to navigate with a searchable database by workout length, equipment, difficulty and calorie-burn. 
  • Lionsgate BeFit is a database of free workouts from renowned fitness instructors.
  • Cassey Ho is back with Blogilates. Here you will find a mix of pilates, cardio and sculpting routines set to pop-music. She calls her style of workouts “Pop Pilates”. But don’t be fooled by the bubbly personality, these workouts are tough and we love it.


  • CurvyYoga’s awesome channel covers all things yoga! Anna Guest-Jelley, founder of CurvyYoga, answers user-submitted questions, conducts interviews, and demonstrates easy, non-intimidating moves we all can incorporate into our daily lives. (Bonus: check out CGH’s interview with Anna here.)


  • Lisa, CGH’s Editor-In-Chief, has a swanky-but-dusty spin bike in her living room. If you, unlike her, actually use yours on a regular basis, check out the Global Cycling Network. You’ll find a small playlist of 7 intense cycling videos here.





  • Every week, Marie Forleo releases engaging videos on topics ranging from spirituality to business, wrapping up each one with essential takeaways. Check out the comment section on the YouTube site or her blog – both represent an engaged audience with lots to share.
  • Beautiful Brown Baby Doll, a psychologist who has lost over 100 pounds, creates content on beauty, fitness, food and self-empowerment for over 185,000 subscribers. She’s immediately relatable for any woman on a journey.
  • Talk about watching a superstar in the making: Shameless Maya started her channel after challenging herself last year to shed insecurities and be “shameless” as an artist. The result: videos that cover everything from beauty to culture, and a huge following. We totally dig this chick.
  • With It’s Grace, comedic genius Grace Helbig produces videos (five times a week!) that are hilarious. Seriously, just hilarious.  
  • Soulpancake, designed to help you ponder life’s biggest questions, is the brainchild of actor and comedian Rainn Wilson. You’ll find inspiring interviews with your favorite celebs and internet personalities (most notably, the adorable Kid President). Recently, SoulPancake released a series of stories about women. Our personal favorite is here.  
  • Want to feel good at the end of the day? Check out The Ellen Show. The clips of what you missed on TV, celebrity interviews, YouTube superstars, dancers and whiz kids will be sure to inspire and delight.
  • Brought to you by world-renowned wellness expert Deepak Chopra, The Chopra Well brings inspiring content on spirituality and wellness. Our favorite series: Urban Yogis, which highlights the impact of yoga on a series of super-relatable folks.

There are millions of channels on YouTube, so chances are we may have missed your favorite! Tell us below, what’s your favorite YouTube channel? 



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